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How to choose a Headset

A lot of folks who want a headset, to free up their hands in the office, or while driving, simply don't know where to start. It gets put in the too hard basket, and the health and safety benefits are lost.

There are three main questions to ask yourself - and a few variables once you've answered the big three:

1. Wired or Wireless?

The main difference is cost - wired is cheaper. Wireless gives you the ability to walk away from your desk, typically up to 50 metres, while continuing or even answering a call. It can also be more comfortable not having a wire hanging down from your head. If it's just for you, the benefits of wireless may be worth the extra money. If fitting out an entire department, the savings from buying wired could be over 50%.

2. One earphone or two?

A personal preference, it also depends how noisy your office is. For me personally I prefer one earphone (monaural), so I can converse with colleagues using the other ear. If you're in a very noisy environment, two earphones (binaural) will help drown out background noise, so you can hear your caller better.

3. Over-the-Ear, or Over-the-Head style?

Some people dont want their headset clipped to their ear, and prefer it go over the head. Some hairstyles won't tolerate over the head! For those who can't decide, there are many convertible style headsets, so you can choose.

Some variables are, for example, if going wireless, do you want to use the same headset for your mobile and/or softphone as well.

For a list of headsets visit or call to get help making a decision on 1300 85 1160




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